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Why Should Plumbing Leaks Be Repaired Right Away?

A plumbing leak can appear in any part of your house and it is simply not right to ignore it. These leaks may appear to be pretty simple but could be a part of a larger problem. So underestimating the problem could cost you a lot. Plumbing Services in Manhattan NY states that people usually ignore these small issues and don’t realize that those initial issues become cause major breakdowns at multiple places later. So it is always advised to look up to such plumbing issues if you care about your place and wish to save money. Calling the plumber right away during any such plumbing fault is probably the wisest option. A plumber will thoroughly check the problem with his advanced tools and equipment and will therefore be able to provide the right solution for the problem. People who tend to ignore these little leaks will surely face multiple issues further down the line. Let us have a look at several issues which can develop over time when we keep ignoring the little leaks in the first place.

What Can Happen If You Ignore Plumbing Leaks?

A lot of Emergency Plumber in Manhattan NY explains that there can be several issues and loss that one will have to face when they keep ignoring the plumbing leaks-

  • Waste An Alarming Amount Of Water

We all know the importance of water in our life. We must conserve every drop of water. The art of conserving water is promoted as a course by governments around the world. So wasting water in any form is not acceptable on any front. We often see our children brushing their teeth while the water tap keeps running. Being a parent it’s not acceptable and you teach your children to refrain from doing it again. But if you ignore a leakage in any part of your house, you are much more at fault than your little kid. According to some estimates by the environment protection agency, more than 90 gallons of water is wasted every day due to similar leaks. So annually water wastage could reach thousands of gallons of water just because of leakage. So next time you see water leaking from a faucet, call a plumber and immediately get it fixed.

  • Cause Irreversible Damage

People often get to know about an impending problem when they realize that their water bill has dramatically shot up. The issue behind the bill could probably be some inside leakage that has to be fixed or it might eventually burst the pipe creating a whole lot of mess.

  • The Formation Of Mold

The continuous dripping of water at a particular place might create molds over time and eventfully starts diminishing the air quality of your home. It also has the potential to cause health damage to the family, especially respiratory health concerns, therefore fixing it in time remains essential.

We at Manhattan Sewer Drain have a team of the best emergency plumber in Manhattan NY and we would be glad to help you with any plumbing issues. Our plumbers have years of experience in dealing with tricky cases so rest assured that your problem would get resolved.

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What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Clog Won’t Drain

Many times you might have experienced that your kitchen sink is getting some gurgling sound and water is not draining well. If yes, you should check the kitchen sink pipe which gets clogged due to some reasons. This kitchen sink clog situation encounters due to continuous dipping of waste foods, hairs, oil, grease, tea or coffee, and more. These wastes may lead to clogging of sink drain pipes and do not allow water to drain faster or lower the speed of the water drain. With continuous dipping of wastes in sink pipes, it will lead to strong clogging of sink drain pipes that will also give bad smell after sometimes. If your kitchen skin pipe is not draining well, you should do the needful to clear the drain pipes. You can try DIY drain pipe cleaning activities at home. If you are unable to perform plumbing works, you should call kitchen sink clog in Manhattan NY. In the city, you will find experienced plumbers, who can resolve the kitchen sink clog issue with ease. You should take plumbing services in Manhattan, NY from experienced plumbers in the city. 

Before you call the emergency plumbers in Manhattan NY, you can try some home remedies to clear out clogged kitchen sink drain at home. Here are some DIY practices to clear kitchen sink pipes:

1. Use Hot Water 

Whenever you find the kitchen sink pipe is not draining well, you should start practicing clearing sink pipes by pouring hot water into the sink pipe. This hot water will work to clear the clogged food wastes, oil, grease, and other decomposable wastes in pipes. Also, it will clean the sink pipe and regulate the water flow soon. For more details, you can consult the best drain cleaning service providers in Manhattan, NY. The plumbers will guide you right ways to use boiled water to clean sink pipes clogged at home. 

2. Baking Soda Methods

In some cases, the blend of baking soda with water and vinegar can also give good results in clearing kitchen sink pipes clogging. You can mix baking soda with hot water and stir it for 15 minutes to get some fizz. After that, you need to pour baking soda solution into the sink pipe that will develop fizz in the pipe and clear out the clogged pipe soon. You can also add some salt to the solution to make it more effective to clear the drain pipes. 

3. Use Plunger

If water is not draining in kitchen sink pipes, it means, some solid food wastes are on the top of the sink drain. Hence, you need to remove those wastes first to clear the drain line. For this purpose, you can use plungers, which are common plumbing tools that can be effective to clear wastes in sink drains. In many homes, people do try this DIY plumbing practice daily after working in the kitchen. Hence, it will keep the drain-source clear to allow water to rinse well through sink pipes. If you still do not find this idea right, you should call emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY to get the job done. 

Thus, above are some vital techniques that you can apply to clear kitchen sink drain pipes through home remedies. If you do not get good results using the above DIY plumbing practices, you should not waste time calling kitchen sink clog experts in Manhattan, NY. For instance, you may contact “Manhattan Sewer Drain”, which is a leading drain cleaning service company in Manhattan, NY. For details, visit the website

Why My Kitchen Sink is Clogged (5 Most Common Reasons!)?

Everyone will have to accept that our kitchen sink is one of the most abused drains in the house in comparison to any other part. It has to go through a lot of wear and tear and people often use it as no less than a dumping can. All the leftovers and the dirty cutlery are washed away in the kitchen sink and this continuous process does create clogging issues over time. Once it starts to drain slowly, it brings along numerous other problems which include the terrible odor it generates around the house. Kitchen sink clogs in Manhattan, NY is a pretty common issue and we at Manhattan sewer drain are one of the best service providers to resolve the clogging issue. Let us further look into some common issues which are the driving factor behind the kitchen sink clog.

5 Reasons Why You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink

So there can be several reasons behind your clogged kitchen sink but we will discuss here the most obvious reasons behind slow draining and clogging of the kitchen sink.

1 Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the most prominent problems behind the clogging issues. Old homes often contain these metal pipes which keep on corroding over a long period and start slowing the pace of the water flow and therefore turn out to become a serious clogging issue. There is also an issue when the waste flown through the sink starts getting collected in different parts of the pipe and eventually becomes the cause of the clogging sink. Another factor could be the shrinking of the pipes. Yes you heard it right, metal pipes do shrink over time and that could also become a factor behind the clogged sink.

2 Grease

So if you haven’t heard of the kitchen grease, it’s the same oily substance that is left behind on the pots and pans after we cook products like meat or bacon. It is also left residue when cooking or dealing with butter or vegetable oils. Now when you wash all these utensils, the oily substance starts solidifying inside the pipes and therefore starts choking the free flow of the water once collected in abundance inside the pipe.

3 Food That Expands

There is a lot of such food which has got the capability of expanding. Food like pasta, rice, lentils, and beans might expand double the size. So if these foods are washed away through the kitchen sink they might get stuck inside and therefore expand overnight to create plenty of clogging trouble within no time.

4 Heavy Objects

During the process of Drain cleaning in Manhattan NY, we always suggest not to wash down heavy objects in your sink. It could be chicken bones or eggshells or even sand. The heavy objects would drain down and eventually create a clogging issue. They might get stuck inside and slows down the movement of the water.

5 Hasn’t Been Used In A While

This happens a lot of times when people do not use their kitchen sink for some time due to any reason. This happens when the pipe gets the chance to dry out completely because of the lack of flowing water which usually happens otherwise. All the grease and sludge inside becomes hard solid after completely drying and therefore becomes a major cause behind the clogging of the sink.

We at Manhattan Sewer Drain deal with a lot of cases of a kitchen sink clog in Manhattan, NY and therefore we have the legit experience to deal with such cases effectively.

What You Should Do In an Emergency Plumbing Situation

Plumbing emergencies are a living nightmare for anyone. It requires a quick solution because plumbing breakdowns escalate very quickly and start damaging another part of the house as well. Plumbing issues could arise at any time which makes the situation much more vulnerable, so one has to be ready for dealing with such unexpected situations. Failure to act within time might cause a lot more severe damage concluding in a huge repair bill. We at Manhattan sewer drain ensure and maintain the requirement of an emergency plumber in Manhattan NY.  We further list all the preventive measures and methods one should be taking in a particular plumbing problem.

1) Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most common issues mainly during the summers. It can often turn dangerous when water starts flowing in different directions damaging your interior and furniture. One has to quickly react and stop the water flow by closing down the main shaft. The main shaft of the water is responsible to supply the water in every direction of your house. Closing the shaft will stop the flow of water altogether and prevent any further damage for the time being.

2) Frozen Pipes

One has to make sure that he closes the main shutoff valve before the frozen pipes could split. Now start the faucets and let the water drip slowly while you thaw the pipe from the end to the beginning. One mustn’t use any flammable device during the process.

3) A Broken Main Water Line

The breakage in the main water line is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with quickly by an expert. We at Manhattan sewer drain face such cases quite often and therefore provide services of a 24-hour plumber in Manhattan NY. Any delay in a repair might be costly as the water could start flooding the foundation of the home or damage the walls.

4) Leaking Fixtures

Another very common plumbing problem is the leaking fixtures. Slowly dripping water might not look harmful initially but causes the most damage. One should quickly look for the shaft providing water to the leaky fixture and turn it off. There could be various reasons which cause a leak and one should immediately call an experienced plumber to look after the case.

5) A Failing Water Heater

A simple fault in your electrical or gas line might simply fail in the water heater. Hot water is very essential for a lot of things and this problem is bound to create chaos. A professional plumber will quickly spot the issue and resolve your failing water heating issue.

6) A Blocked Drain Or Toilet

This is a pretty common and chaotic issue. A blocked drain might not only result in installed water but also spread a terrible smell all over the place. A plunger or drain snake might resolve the issue in most cases but some required professional tools to sort out the issue. Therefore a professional plumber must be called in for the same.

7) Leaking Gas

This is one of those dangerous situations where one should waste no time and quickly evacuate everyone from the home. The second step involves calling an emergency service or an experienced plumber to handle the issue with care. No one should ever think of taking over the situation oneself and trying to repair it on their own. We at Manhattan Sewer Drain refer services from Emergency Plumber in Manhattan NY for such cases.

7 Common Plumbing Problems-When You Need a Professional Repair

Plumbing issues like toilet clog, sink pipe clog, faucet leakage, etc., are common in every home. Some plumbing issues get resolved through DIY practices, but, fewer need professionals’ services. If you are facing plumbing problems for months, you should not ignore them and call the best plumbers to get rid of them from scratch. If you need plumbing services in New York, you should call 24 hours plumber in Manhattan, NY. In the city, you will find many reputed plumbing service agencies, which can provide experienced plumbers to serve you round the clock. They specialize in all kinds of residential and commercial plumbing issues and can be available at any time for emergency plumbing needs. So, you can call emergency plumbers in Manhattan, NY to get prompt and quality plumbing services for your home with quality.

Here are seven common plumbing problems, which you often encounter at home:

1. Toilet Clog

Toilet clog is a common plumbing issue in most houses. The problem encounters due to the continuous dipping of wastes in the toilet like tissue papers, hairs, baby’s nappies, bottle caps, less water in the flush tank, and more. In most homes, people make such mistakes that result in a clogged toilet. If you encounter this plumbing issue time and again, you need a permanent solution to it. For this, you can call the emergency plumbers in Manhattan, NYto get rid of issues. They can do proper cleaning of the clogged toilet with perfection.

2. Sink Pipe Clog

Many times, you have seen that your kitchen sink pipes get clogged due to the non-flow of wastes through the pipes. It happens due to the non-flow of food wastes, oils or butter, and grease into a pipe creating a clog situation. Hence, you need to try DIY practices to clear clogged sink pipes such as pouring hot water into the pipe, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, and more.

3. Faucet Leakage

Faucet leakage is also a common problem, which arises when faucets of pipes or taps get small gaps due to corrosion. It starts leaking water that may lead to moisture on the walls and floors. If you need to replace old faucets or tighten the faucet connections use tools and stop water leakage from faucets.

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4. Drainage Clog

In most homes, drainage clogging is also a common problem. It starts from clogging toilets, which further leads to the drainage clog situation. To handle this plumbing issue, you should call the emergency plumbers in Manhattan, NY. They have the best practices to clear clogged drains through standard plumbing methods and tools.

5. Shower Leakage

Sometimes, you find a shower in the bathroom starts leakage that leads to waste of water as well as keeping floor wet. This situation is not good, as a wet floor may cause slippery for people. Hence, it is necessary to repair the leaking shower to stop rinsing water. For this, you need to call expert plumbers to repair the shower to stop water leakage.

6. Pipe Burst or Leakage

This is a critical situation when your pipe gets burst due to heavy water flow or human mistakes. If you encounter this situation at midnight at home, you need the immediate help of expert plumbers. For this, you can rely on 24 hours plumbers in Manhattan, NY.Once you call them, they will reach your spot soon and handle the pipe burst issues soon.

7. Hot Water Heater Issues

In winters, when your hot water gets a technical problem, and doest make water hot, it is a problem. You should call emergency plumbers in the city to repair hot water issues soon.

Thus, above are seven common plumbing issues at home that will resolve with quality by experienced plumbers in Manhattan, NY. For instance, you can call “Manhattan Sewer Drain”, which is a trusted plumbing service company in Manhattan, NY. For more details, visit

How to Unclog a Sink with Standing Water: 4 Easy Home Remedies

A clogged drain or sink in the home is not a pleasant situation ever. In most homes, this situation often encounters and gives adverse effects in form of polluted and dirty environment. The ignorance of standing water in the sink for a long will lead to other hazards like pipe leakage, bad odor, and structural damage of the sink. Hence, it is necessary to do the needful to soak the standing water in a sink or drain soon. For this, you may try some home remedies or casual plumbing options to get rid of the situation. If you are unable to manage plumbing works on your own, you should call the best drain cleaning contractors in Manhattan, NY. In the city, you will find many authorized plumbing service contractors who specialize in all kinds of plumbing works for residential and commercial properties.

Before you call any professional plumber, you can also try some standard DIY plumbing to handle clogged sink or drain issues. Here are four remedies you can try to get rid of the clogged sink at home:

1. Boiling Water Method

To clear standing water in the sink or drain, you can use the boiling water method. You need to boil water that rinses all wastes, grease, oil, and other un-dissolved wastes in the pipe. Boiling water will clear clogged pipe of sink or drain and allow water to drain soon. If you have PVC pipes in the sink, do not try with boiling water method, as it may melt pipes. Do take care of yourself while pouring boiled water in sink pipes that may crack or damage with hotness. For more details, you can consult professional plumbers in Manhattan, NY about this boiling water method.

2. Mixture of Vinegar and Soda

It is another vital method to rinse standing water in a sink or drain. You should prepare a mixture of vinegar and soda or pour them one by one in the clogged sink pipe. When baking soda and vinegar will combine, then it will react and make fumes. It means, the unclogging process has started and waste goes to loose in the pipe. After that, you need to wait 30 minutes till the whole waste goes down. Finally, you need to pour boiling water into the pipe to clear the whole waste again. You need to repeat the processing time and again to clear the sink pipe. For more home remedies, you can consult the clogged drain cleaning experts in Manhattan, NYas well.

3. Use Plunger

The most common method of plumbing at home is plumber treatment. You can use a standard plumber to clear standing water in a sink or drain. You should use a cup-shaped plunger that is easy to use with your hands. You need to use this plumbing tool right to get the intended result. If you find this method not effective, you may take the services of the best drain cleaning contractors in Manhattan, NY,and get the work done.

4. Drain Cleaning Chemicals

You can also try drain cleaning chemicals available in the market. But, it is necessary to choose drain cleaning chemicals made of organic materials or natural ingredients. So, it will not give any harmful impact on sink pipes.

Thus, above four standard DIY practices or home remedies to clear a clogged drain or sink pipes through the simple procedure at home. If you do not want to try any method at home, you should not take chance and call the best drain cleaning plumbers in Manhattan NY. For instance, you can contact “Manhattan Sewer Drain” in Manhattan and get rid of clogged drain soon. For more details, check the website

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Kitchen Sink Not Draining? Here are 6 Ways to Unclog It

Many times, you may have seen that water is not draining well from sink pipes. But, you ignored it every time. This is not a good sign and the situation may lead to sinking clogging, if not cured on time. Your kitchen sink clogging issue may arise due to the continuous dipping of food wastes and not flowing water from sink pipes. Hence, you need to do proper treatment of kitchen sink clogging issues through standard ways. If you are unable to do DIY plumbing, you should not take a chance and call the best kitchen sink clog service experts in the city. You will find some experienced kitchen sink clog in Manhattan NY. The experienced plumbers in Manhattan will serve you with quality plumbing services for kitchen sink clog, toilet clog, sewer and drain clog, and so on. Here are six ways to unclog sink pipes to free flow of water from drain pipes:

1. Use Hot Water

You can unclog sink pipes by pouring hot water into the sink pipe. Thus, it will clear out grease, soap residues, hairs, and other debris from sink pipes soon. You can try this method 2 or 3 times and get a good result to unclog sink pipes.

2. Clean Garbage Disposal

Some sinks have garbage disposal which manages the drainage through pipes. If your sink garbage disposal has a blockage, it will not allow water to flow. Hence, you need to clean up the garbage disposal in the sink and reset its switch for proper working. If you are unable to do it, you may call the best drain cleaning plumbers in Manhattan, NY. They will take care of the garbage disposal function and clear out its debris to flow water well.

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3. Use Plunger

It is one of the common ways to clean kitchen sink drain pipes. You can use a plunger to clear drain pipes of the sink by pumping the plunger again and again. Repeat pumping till the whole water in the sink drains from the pipe.

4. Try Mixture of Soda and Vinegar

You can also try a mixture of soda and vinegar instead of harmful chemicals to clear sink clog. Take one cup of vinegar and soda mixture and pour into sink pipes to clear the blockage. You can try this method 2 or 3 times till the sink clog gets cleared well.

5. Use Drain Snake

To clear sink clogs, you may use try drain snake which is a quality plumbing tool. This is a flexible drilling tool, which is useful in clearing sink blockages. Also, you can use it for clearing clog of toilet and shower drains too. If you do not how to use the drain snake tool, you should take the help of Drain cleaning experts in Manhattan, NY. The plumbers will do the right use of the tool and clear the sink clog soon.

6. Call Plumber

Finally, if you have tried all the above steps, and still there is residue or small blockage in sink pipes, you should not wait to call expert plumbers in Manhattan, NY. You will get good results by taking the services of the best Kitchen sink clog plumbers in Manhattan, NY.For instance, you can take the services of “Manhattan Sewer Drain” which is one of the trusted plumbing service companies in Manhattan, NY. For further details, visit website

How Your Home Can Benefit from Professional Drain Cleaning

Maintenance of the house remains a topmost priority for most people. It naturally covers all the important aspects for anyone who includes the safety and comfort of an individual. But ironically people tend to forget about the proper maintenance of the plumbing system. One doesn’t understand that the proper maintenance of the drains and plumbing system brings an added badge of security and comfort. It ensures safety for your home. We at Manhattan sewer drain bring the best solutions for drain cleaning in Manhattan, NY. We have got an experienced team of professionals who are always ready to help you in times of distress and provide you with the best solutions. Let us discuss how professional drain cleaning happens to be the best solution and brings various benefits.

Improve Drainage

So we usually notice that the drainage speed of the water has slowed down and it takes some time for the water to clear. It is mainly due to all the debris, hair, soap scum, and waste material that keep on accumulating over the years. It now starts to block the free passage of water and thus the drainage speed slows down. A good drain cleaning process will improve the drainage by several folds.

Avoid Unpleasant Odors

There is no denying that the dirty water whether from toilet flush, in process of cleaning dishes and showers drains down the pipelines every day. The continuous presence of water acts as a heaven for chemicals and bacteria’s to flourish. This in turn starts giving a very unpleasant odor in and around the house. So when we do the process of drain cleaning in Manhattan, NY there is definite assured that no bad odor would remain.

Prevent Clogs and Backups

 Slow drainage remains a problem but complete clogging is a more severe and damaging condition. Even a day of complete blockage in your drainage system might create a total mess. So if you have got this routine scheduled where you look after the maintenance of the drainage system might help you avoid such a situation.

Find and Fix Leaks

One has to understand that leakage does not mean that it will be pretty apparent and will give you chance to avoid damage. Some leaks could happen inside the walls or under the floor and would not give you a chance to contain the damage. The only way out is to be ahead with time and get it maintained during your routine drain cleaning process so you could limit the chance of the pipes getting damaged and causing a leakage that goes unnoticed and create considerable damage.

We at Manhattan Sewer Drain also provide an emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY. We will be glad to help you with your drain cleaning process and ensure your peaceful life remains intact.

The Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Kitchen Sink Drain

To maintain good cleaning and hygienic effect in the kitchen area of your house, you should take care of the kitchen sink and drain first. Also, you need to manage the garbage that should go into the dustbin rather than sink. By taking care of such things, you can maintain the kitchen and make it perfect for cooking food and staying hygienic. But in most families, kitchen sink and drain clogging are common issues. The clogging issues arise due to the continuous dipping of wastes like food residues, hairs, tissues, oils, grease, etc., into sink pipes and drains. As a result, it starts clogging the sink drains and may pollute the kitchen environment too. Hence, it is necessary to avoid this situation and maintain the kitchen sink drain by cleaning it well. For this, you may call the best city. The plumbers in Manhattan have expertise in cleaning kitchen sink drains toilet clogging and other plumbing services too. So, you can take their services and keep kitchen sink drains clean.

If you live in the United States and need quality drain cleaning service, you should call the best drain cleaning services in Manhattan NY city. For instance, you can contact the Manhattan Sewer Drain”, one of the foremost plumbing service companies in Manhattan, United States. The company provides all sorts of plumbing services for residential and commercial properties. The company has skilled plumbers who can provide the best plumbing services for kitchen drain and sewer clogging issues. They can also serve you round-the-clock and mid-night plumbing services as per need. For more details, you can explore the company’s website.

Ways to Maintain Cleaning Effect in Kitchen Sink Drains

1. It is easy to maintain kitchen sink drains and clean them. For this purpose, you should first stop dipping non-disposable wastes in the sink or drain pipes such as tissues, plastics, hairs, and so on. These things may lead to clogging sink and drain pipes that will give birth to harmful bacteria and germs in pipes that will pollute the kitchen environment and give bad odor too.

2. You should do regular cleaning of kitchen sink drain pipes using quality cleaning materials such as banking soda, distilled white vinegar, paper towels, soft sponge, brush, etc. Furthermore, you can rinse the pipes with a full flow of soap water and hot water too. For more knowledge, you can consult the best plumbing experts in Manhattan, NY. The plumbers in the city will guide the right ways to keep clean kitchen sink pipes and drain clogs using quality cleaners.

3. Make sure your food wastes get flushed through pipes and no residue remains in drains after water flow.

4. After cleaning the pipes, you need to maintain the hygiene at the kitchen by sanitizing sink water taps, faucets, and handles. Do clean and wipe them with useful cleaners and warm soapy water.Thus, above are some key practices that you should follow to maintain kitchen sink drain clean and hygienic at home. For more help, you should approach the best drain cleaning Service Company in Manhattan and get the job done.

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4 Painless Tricks to Unclog a Drain – Learn How to Unclog a Sink!

If the water in your bathroom or kitchen sink is draining slowly, it is a case of clogged pipes. If you can spot the problem within time, you won’t need any special remedy to fix the problem but would rather need simple home remedies to get the job done. We at Manhattan sewer drain have a great experience of clogged drains in Manhattan, NY.

How to Recognize That You Have to Unclog the Sink?

Some specific signs will tell you that if your sink is clogged and it’s time to take the required measure. The slow draining of the water is probably the foremost signal and one should quickly clean the pipes to resolve the issue. If you notice bubbles while the water runs down the drain in the sink of the bathroom or kitchen, it is another indication that pipe cleaning is required.

What’s clogging Your Drains and Why do you have to Unclog The Sink?

There might be different reasons why your sink is clogged. If your sink is clogged, it could be termed as a result of various residues that have been accumulating in the plumbing system. While in case of bathtub or shower is clogged, it might be due to hair getting stacked in between or it might be the thick residue of the cosmetics.

Why Chemical is Not Always the Best Idea for Unclogging a Sink?

There are a lot of chemical products in the market which will work in specific types of clogging conditions. It is important to understand the pipe material and its age to determine which chemical might work better. Experimenting with a chemical is a big no and is never recommended because it can make the matter worse than doing any good.

How to Unclog a Sink Drain with Salt and Baking Soda

Salt and baking soda are both wonderful in their way. Soda is known to help remove the stain and is widely used in washing machine cleaning. Salt is also helpful for cleaning the iron material and whitening the clothing stuff. When both of them are used together, they can be very effective to clean the drain and help in unclogging.

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Baking Soda and Vinegar Drain Cleaner- a Mixture that Works

If you have got a serious clogging and the water is not passing at all, this mixture can do some serious wonder. Simply pour almost a glass of baking soda in the drain and after warming up some vinegar pour it over the soda and embrace yourself to see the magic as the drain clean up and works perfectly in 10 to 15 minutes.

Bio Drain Cleaners

Bio drain cleaners are a great alternate against the chemical used to clean the drain. They are not only perfect in unclogging the drain but are also good for the environment and pose no risk to humans.

Mechanical Drain Cleaning

After assessing the type of blockage, mechanical methods do wonders. Using a plunger with a rubber cap might easily help in unclogging the sink. In case the clog is serious, using a plumbers snake instead will help.

How to Prevent Pipes from Clogging?

If you follow proper steps the clogging won’t happen in the first place.      

–           Use a strainer for the kitchen drain

–           Make sure to keep the shower and bathtub clean regularly.

If you ever need an emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY, remember the name Manhattan sewer drain. We will be glad to help you 24 by 7.