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Why My Kitchen Sink is Clogged (5 Most Common Reasons!)?

Kitchen sink clogs

Everyone will have to accept that our kitchen sink is one of the most abused drains in the house in comparison to any other part. It has to go through a lot of wear and tear and people often use it as no less than a dumping can. All the leftovers and the dirty cutlery are washed away in the kitchen sink and this continuous process does create clogging issues over time. Once it starts to drain slowly, it brings along numerous other problems which include the terrible odor it generates around the house. Kitchen sink clogs in Manhattan, NY is a pretty common issue and we at Manhattan sewer drain are one of the best service providers to resolve the clogging issue. Let us further look into some common issues which are the driving factor behind the kitchen sink clog.

5 Reasons Why You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink

So there can be several reasons behind your clogged kitchen sink but we will discuss here the most obvious reasons behind slow draining and clogging of the kitchen sink.

1 Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the most prominent problems behind the clogging issues. Old homes often contain these metal pipes which keep on corroding over a long period and start slowing the pace of the water flow and therefore turn out to become a serious clogging issue. There is also an issue when the waste flown through the sink starts getting collected in different parts of the pipe and eventually becomes the cause of the clogging sink. Another factor could be the shrinking of the pipes. Yes you heard it right, metal pipes do shrink over time and that could also become a factor behind the clogged sink.

2 Grease

So if you haven’t heard of the kitchen grease, it’s the same oily substance that is left behind on the pots and pans after we cook products like meat or bacon. It is also left residue when cooking or dealing with butter or vegetable oils. Now when you wash all these utensils, the oily substance starts solidifying inside the pipes and therefore starts choking the free flow of the water once collected in abundance inside the pipe.

3 Food That Expands

There is a lot of such food which has got the capability of expanding. Food like pasta, rice, lentils, and beans might expand double the size. So if these foods are washed away through the kitchen sink they might get stuck inside and therefore expand overnight to create plenty of clogging trouble within no time.

4 Heavy Objects

During the process of Drain cleaning in Manhattan NY, we always suggest not to wash down heavy objects in your sink. It could be chicken bones or eggshells or even sand. The heavy objects would drain down and eventually create a clogging issue. They might get stuck inside and slows down the movement of the water.

5 Hasn’t Been Used In A While

This happens a lot of times when people do not use their kitchen sink for some time due to any reason. This happens when the pipe gets the chance to dry out completely because of the lack of flowing water which usually happens otherwise. All the grease and sludge inside becomes hard solid after completely drying and therefore becomes a major cause behind the clogging of the sink.

We at Manhattan Sewer Drain deal with a lot of cases of a kitchen sink clog in Manhattan, NY and therefore we have the legit experience to deal with such cases effectively.

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