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What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Clog Won’t Drain

Many times you might have experienced that your kitchen sink is getting some gurgling sound and water is not draining well. If yes, you should check the kitchen sink pipe which gets clogged due to some reasons. This kitchen sink clog situation encounters due to continuous dipping of waste foods, hairs, oil, grease, tea orContinue reading “What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Clog Won’t Drain”

Why My Kitchen Sink is Clogged (5 Most Common Reasons!)?

Everyone will have to accept that our kitchen sink is one of the most abused drains in the house in comparison to any other part. It has to go through a lot of wear and tear and people often use it as no less than a dumping can. All the leftovers and the dirty cutleryContinue reading “Why My Kitchen Sink is Clogged (5 Most Common Reasons!)?”

The Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Kitchen Sink Drain

To maintain good cleaning and hygienic effect in the kitchen area of your house, you should take care of the kitchen sink and drain first. Also, you need to manage the garbage that should go into the dustbin rather than sink. By taking care of such things, you can maintain the kitchen and make itContinue reading “The Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Kitchen Sink Drain”


Your home’s sewer line is buried beneath the lawn, which makes it challenging to identify a possible broken sewer line. Here are some indications that your sewer line might be broken:  1) EASILY CLOGGED DRAINS Once in a while, your toilet, Kitchen Sink Clog or shower can experience a drain that gets a bit plugged up; inContinue reading “3 SIGNS OF A BROKEN SEWER LINE”