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What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Clog Won’t Drain

Kitchen Sink Clog

Many times you might have experienced that your kitchen sink is getting some gurgling sound and water is not draining well. If yes, you should check the kitchen sink pipe which gets clogged due to some reasons. This kitchen sink clog situation encounters due to continuous dipping of waste foods, hairs, oil, grease, tea or coffee, and more. These wastes may lead to clogging of sink drain pipes and do not allow water to drain faster or lower the speed of the water drain. With continuous dipping of wastes in sink pipes, it will lead to strong clogging of sink drain pipes that will also give bad smell after sometimes. If your kitchen skin pipe is not draining well, you should do the needful to clear the drain pipes. You can try DIY drain pipe cleaning activities at home. If you are unable to perform plumbing works, you should call kitchen sink clog in Manhattan NY. In the city, you will find experienced plumbers, who can resolve the kitchen sink clog issue with ease. You should take plumbing services in Manhattan, NY from experienced plumbers in the city. 

Before you call the emergency plumbers in Manhattan NY, you can try some home remedies to clear out clogged kitchen sink drain at home. Here are some DIY practices to clear kitchen sink pipes:

1. Use Hot Water 

Whenever you find the kitchen sink pipe is not draining well, you should start practicing clearing sink pipes by pouring hot water into the sink pipe. This hot water will work to clear the clogged food wastes, oil, grease, and other decomposable wastes in pipes. Also, it will clean the sink pipe and regulate the water flow soon. For more details, you can consult the best drain cleaning service providers in Manhattan, NY. The plumbers will guide you right ways to use boiled water to clean sink pipes clogged at home. 

2. Baking Soda Methods

In some cases, the blend of baking soda with water and vinegar can also give good results in clearing kitchen sink pipes clogging. You can mix baking soda with hot water and stir it for 15 minutes to get some fizz. After that, you need to pour baking soda solution into the sink pipe that will develop fizz in the pipe and clear out the clogged pipe soon. You can also add some salt to the solution to make it more effective to clear the drain pipes. 

3. Use Plunger

If water is not draining in kitchen sink pipes, it means, some solid food wastes are on the top of the sink drain. Hence, you need to remove those wastes first to clear the drain line. For this purpose, you can use plungers, which are common plumbing tools that can be effective to clear wastes in sink drains. In many homes, people do try this DIY plumbing practice daily after working in the kitchen. Hence, it will keep the drain-source clear to allow water to rinse well through sink pipes. If you still do not find this idea right, you should call emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY to get the job done. 

Thus, above are some vital techniques that you can apply to clear kitchen sink drain pipes through home remedies. If you do not get good results using the above DIY plumbing practices, you should not waste time calling kitchen sink clog experts in Manhattan, NY. For instance, you may contact “Manhattan Sewer Drain”, which is a leading drain cleaning service company in Manhattan, NY. For details, visit the website


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