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What You Should Do In an Emergency Plumbing Situation

Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies are a living nightmare for anyone. It requires a quick solution because plumbing breakdowns escalate very quickly and start damaging another part of the house as well. Plumbing issues could arise at any time which makes the situation much more vulnerable, so one has to be ready for dealing with such unexpected situations. Failure to act within time might cause a lot more severe damage concluding in a huge repair bill. We at Manhattan sewer drain ensure and maintain the requirement of an emergency plumber in Manhattan NY.  We further list all the preventive measures and methods one should be taking in a particular plumbing problem.

1) Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most common issues mainly during the summers. It can often turn dangerous when water starts flowing in different directions damaging your interior and furniture. One has to quickly react and stop the water flow by closing down the main shaft. The main shaft of the water is responsible to supply the water in every direction of your house. Closing the shaft will stop the flow of water altogether and prevent any further damage for the time being.

2) Frozen Pipes

One has to make sure that he closes the main shutoff valve before the frozen pipes could split. Now start the faucets and let the water drip slowly while you thaw the pipe from the end to the beginning. One mustn’t use any flammable device during the process.

3) A Broken Main Water Line

The breakage in the main water line is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with quickly by an expert. We at Manhattan sewer drain face such cases quite often and therefore provide services of a 24-hour plumber in Manhattan NY. Any delay in a repair might be costly as the water could start flooding the foundation of the home or damage the walls.

4) Leaking Fixtures

Another very common plumbing problem is the leaking fixtures. Slowly dripping water might not look harmful initially but causes the most damage. One should quickly look for the shaft providing water to the leaky fixture and turn it off. There could be various reasons which cause a leak and one should immediately call an experienced plumber to look after the case.

5) A Failing Water Heater

A simple fault in your electrical or gas line might simply fail in the water heater. Hot water is very essential for a lot of things and this problem is bound to create chaos. A professional plumber will quickly spot the issue and resolve your failing water heating issue.

6) A Blocked Drain Or Toilet

This is a pretty common and chaotic issue. A blocked drain might not only result in installed water but also spread a terrible smell all over the place. A plunger or drain snake might resolve the issue in most cases but some required professional tools to sort out the issue. Therefore a professional plumber must be called in for the same.

7) Leaking Gas

This is one of those dangerous situations where one should waste no time and quickly evacuate everyone from the home. The second step involves calling an emergency service or an experienced plumber to handle the issue with care. No one should ever think of taking over the situation oneself and trying to repair it on their own. We at Manhattan Sewer Drain refer services from Emergency Plumber in Manhattan NY for such cases.

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