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4 Painless Tricks to Unclog a Drain – Learn How to Unclog a Sink!

clogged drains

If the water in your bathroom or kitchen sink is draining slowly, it is a case of clogged pipes. If you can spot the problem within time, you won’t need any special remedy to fix the problem but would rather need simple home remedies to get the job done. We at Manhattan sewer drain have a great experience of clogged drains in Manhattan, NY.

How to Recognize That You Have to Unclog the Sink?

Some specific signs will tell you that if your sink is clogged and it’s time to take the required measure. The slow draining of the water is probably the foremost signal and one should quickly clean the pipes to resolve the issue. If you notice bubbles while the water runs down the drain in the sink of the bathroom or kitchen, it is another indication that pipe cleaning is required.

What’s clogging Your Drains and Why do you have to Unclog The Sink?

There might be different reasons why your sink is clogged. If your sink is clogged, it could be termed as a result of various residues that have been accumulating in the plumbing system. While in case of bathtub or shower is clogged, it might be due to hair getting stacked in between or it might be the thick residue of the cosmetics.

Why Chemical is Not Always the Best Idea for Unclogging a Sink?

There are a lot of chemical products in the market which will work in specific types of clogging conditions. It is important to understand the pipe material and its age to determine which chemical might work better. Experimenting with a chemical is a big no and is never recommended because it can make the matter worse than doing any good.

How to Unclog a Sink Drain with Salt and Baking Soda

Salt and baking soda are both wonderful in their way. Soda is known to help remove the stain and is widely used in washing machine cleaning. Salt is also helpful for cleaning the iron material and whitening the clothing stuff. When both of them are used together, they can be very effective to clean the drain and help in unclogging.

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Baking Soda and Vinegar Drain Cleaner- a Mixture that Works

If you have got a serious clogging and the water is not passing at all, this mixture can do some serious wonder. Simply pour almost a glass of baking soda in the drain and after warming up some vinegar pour it over the soda and embrace yourself to see the magic as the drain clean up and works perfectly in 10 to 15 minutes.

Bio Drain Cleaners

Bio drain cleaners are a great alternate against the chemical used to clean the drain. They are not only perfect in unclogging the drain but are also good for the environment and pose no risk to humans.

Mechanical Drain Cleaning

After assessing the type of blockage, mechanical methods do wonders. Using a plunger with a rubber cap might easily help in unclogging the sink. In case the clog is serious, using a plumbers snake instead will help.

How to Prevent Pipes from Clogging?

If you follow proper steps the clogging won’t happen in the first place.      

–           Use a strainer for the kitchen drain

–           Make sure to keep the shower and bathtub clean regularly.

If you ever need an emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY, remember the name Manhattan sewer drain. We will be glad to help you 24 by 7.

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