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Kitchen Sink Not Draining? Here are 6 Ways to Unclog It

Kitchen Sink Clog

Many times, you may have seen that water is not draining well from sink pipes. But, you ignored it every time. This is not a good sign and the situation may lead to sinking clogging, if not cured on time. Your kitchen sink clogging issue may arise due to the continuous dipping of food wastes and not flowing water from sink pipes. Hence, you need to do proper treatment of kitchen sink clogging issues through standard ways. If you are unable to do DIY plumbing, you should not take a chance and call the best kitchen sink clog service experts in the city. You will find some experienced kitchen sink clog in Manhattan NY. The experienced plumbers in Manhattan will serve you with quality plumbing services for kitchen sink clog, toilet clog, sewer and drain clog, and so on. Here are six ways to unclog sink pipes to free flow of water from drain pipes:

1. Use Hot Water

You can unclog sink pipes by pouring hot water into the sink pipe. Thus, it will clear out grease, soap residues, hairs, and other debris from sink pipes soon. You can try this method 2 or 3 times and get a good result to unclog sink pipes.

2. Clean Garbage Disposal

Some sinks have garbage disposal which manages the drainage through pipes. If your sink garbage disposal has a blockage, it will not allow water to flow. Hence, you need to clean up the garbage disposal in the sink and reset its switch for proper working. If you are unable to do it, you may call the best drain cleaning plumbers in Manhattan, NY. They will take care of the garbage disposal function and clear out its debris to flow water well.

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3. Use Plunger

It is one of the common ways to clean kitchen sink drain pipes. You can use a plunger to clear drain pipes of the sink by pumping the plunger again and again. Repeat pumping till the whole water in the sink drains from the pipe.

4. Try Mixture of Soda and Vinegar

You can also try a mixture of soda and vinegar instead of harmful chemicals to clear sink clog. Take one cup of vinegar and soda mixture and pour into sink pipes to clear the blockage. You can try this method 2 or 3 times till the sink clog gets cleared well.

5. Use Drain Snake

To clear sink clogs, you may use try drain snake which is a quality plumbing tool. This is a flexible drilling tool, which is useful in clearing sink blockages. Also, you can use it for clearing clog of toilet and shower drains too. If you do not how to use the drain snake tool, you should take the help of Drain cleaning experts in Manhattan, NY. The plumbers will do the right use of the tool and clear the sink clog soon.

6. Call Plumber

Finally, if you have tried all the above steps, and still there is residue or small blockage in sink pipes, you should not wait to call expert plumbers in Manhattan, NY. You will get good results by taking the services of the best Kitchen sink clog plumbers in Manhattan, NY.For instance, you can take the services of “Manhattan Sewer Drain” which is one of the trusted plumbing service companies in Manhattan, NY. For further details, visit website

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